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Ball Out 2024 Registration Open

Weekly Training Video

2024 Sponsors

If interested in being a 2024 Ball Out Official sponsor, please email us at or text (208) 283-0773

May Classes - Tuesday Nights
Summer Classes - Monday/Wednesday Mornings

Monthly costs
$103 for 2X a week
$68 for 1X a week


Basketball Academy

"Mike is a tireless worker who wants nothing more than to see others succeed both on and off the court. He knows how to make the game fun for all ages. He has a high IQ, knows how to develop players and has seen what it takes to become a D1 college player"

 BYU Men's Basketball Head Coach

Mark Pope

Basketball Skills Academy

K-2, 3-5, 6-8 and 6-10th Grades

Boys and Girls

May Tuesday Nights

June/July Mon and/or Wed

Vista Heights Middle School

Assistant trainers are local varsity players





Ball Out Utah is the first and only youth basketball skills academy in the Eagle Mountain and Saratoga Springs area. Entering it's 5th year, Ball Out was founded and run by local resident Mike McDonough. Mike is a former player and coach having more than 30 years experience in basketball. After his playing career he moved into a collegiate coaching role, first as an assistant men’s coach at Westminster College and then as part of the coaching staff at Utah Valley University. For the last 11 years Mike has been teaching private basketball sessions to athletes all across Utah, Idaho, Arizona and California. He holds a Master's Degree in Sports Management from Drexel University.

Mike is assisted by his wife, Shannell McDonough. Shannell starred at Hagerman High School before playing collegiately at Southern Virginia University and Walla Walla Community College.


Ball Out Utah will focus on three important pillars that will help kids learn how to succeed both on and off of the basketball court. These three dynamics are: skills, fun and community. 



-Fundamentals and knowledge of the game

- Practice skills that challenge and push each player

- Shooting, passing, ball handling, post play, individual defense, etc...

-Focus on the player's development and improvement



-Instill a love for the game of basketball

- Games, contests, prizes and rewards

- Random special guest appearances from former collegiate/pro athletes and coaches

- Positive and uplifting teaching environment



-Assistant trainers are local varsity basketball players from Westlake, Cedar Valley and Rockwell High Schools

-The first and only local basketball skills academy


"Teams are made during the season but players are made in the offseason, perfecting their individual skillset"

Reason #1


Focus on the individual


At Ball Out Utah, we focus and give all our attention on the individual player. No wasted time giving long lectures and 15 minute walk-throughs of basketball concepts. We instruct, implement, repeat and build upon each drill. Muscle memory is created by doing, not by watching. We keep our classes small so that each athlete gets various repetitions with a trainer watching each drill.

Reason #2


Proper mechanics/technique


We focus on creating proper basketball muscle memory. Learning bad habits from an early age can stunt progression and instill doubt in the player. We teach proper techniques through demonstration, implementation and repetition. Training to shoot/dribble/move correctly without a conscious thought is necessary to being a successful player. Learning proper mechanics builds the player's skillset and confidence going forward.

Kobe Bryant

"I just think European players are way more skillful than Americans. They are taught the game the right way at an early age. It's something we have to fix. We have to teach our kids to play the right way"

"In America.. we're not teaching players to play all-around basketball. Teach players the game at an early age. Give them instruction"

Kevin Garnett

“Our league now is at a point where you have to teach more than anything. AAU has killed our league. Seriously, I hate to even say this, but it’s real. From the perspective that these kids are not being taught anything."

Charles Barkley

"They're killing the game. AAU is the worst thing to happen to college basketball ever. I hate AAU more than anything in the world. These kids aren't getting good coaching. They're playing too many games and not working on their game enough.




2024 Monthly Costs
$103 for 2X a week
$68 for 1X a week
Walk-In Fee - $20

Walk-in to sign up 10 minutes before session start. Payment required upon check-in. Cash/check or Venmo accepted (single session only)

K-2nd Grade

K-2nd Graders will learn the fundamentals of basketball through games and fun competitions. These will include games such as dribble tag, minefield dribbling, cows in the pen and MANY MANY more. Focus will be on dribbling, passing, shooting and defensive stance. Focus will be learning while having a blast. All abilities are welcome


3-5th Grade

For the 1st time, we will have two separate 3-5th grade classes. One is for advanced players (those who have played competitive basketball before) and another for those who are just beginning or who are playing recreational basketball. This class will focus on fundamental skills that translate into game situations. Players will become comfortable dribbling, passing and shooting with defensive pressure. Skills will be practiced in 1 on 1, 2 on 2, 3 on 3 and 5 on 5 game scenarios after the skill has been taught and practiced. Lots of games and competitions. 


6-8th Grade

For the first time, the 6-8th graders will have two separate classes. One is for more advanced players (those who are playing or having experience playing competitive basketball and another for those just beginning or with an intermediate skill level (playing recreational basketball). This class will teach fundamentals while incorporating middle school level concepts. Lots of games and competitions. Lost of 1 on 1, 2 on 2, 3 on 3 and 5 on 5 gameplay. Class is about 60% individual skill and 40% team competitions





6-10th Grade Advanced 


6-10th Graders will focus on more advanced training designed to improve their skills and knowledge of the game. This group training will be prepared for High School Basketball and will introduce both Varsity and Collegiate drills/principals. Our main goal is to prepare this age group to be successful in their High School programs.

IMG_3025 3.JPG

Private Individual or Small Group Sessions


Prefer private individual, small group or team sessions for your child? We have you covered. Schedule your private session today where our focus is squarely on your child. Sessions will be taught by Ball Out Utah founder Mike McDonough. 

Email or text for open times and dates

(208) 283-0773


Email or text for pricing

* It is the client's responsibility to reserve their own basketball facility for a private session

** If outside of Saratoga Springs we will charge $.40 per mile for travel. Eagle Mountain and Saratoga Springs locations are at no extra charge


"Mike relates well with my kids and they respond to his encouragement. I love that he cares about my kids and desires for them to improve. Mike is a positive influence on my kids and they have gained confidence and basketball skills under his direction "

Susie - Parent of 15 and 17 year old clients


Cell:  (208) 283-0773 (Feel free to call or text)


For any general inquiries, please fill in the following contact form:


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